Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ella to Dean

Hi Dean -had a good time with gma Carmie she likes to talk-she knows the language.This is an old picture Bad hair moment. i usually have great hair. Yes my muscle tone-head control and language and communication are really moving along. Speaking of moving-Why is it that every toy has batteries,sound and movement except for the mobile. It has to be wound i just get sleepy and enjoy it then bam it has to be wound again and it wakes me up.Who ever thought of that.? now Carmie please edit before you publish!

Dean to ella

Hi ella thats me and Tex my fuzzy brother.i am sooobig and loud i can yell and make bunches of noises. when Carmie hears me she is going to be so happy. How was your visit with gmaCarmie? i cannot wait to come ans see you. Love that skype though It is look great good head control i see and you are smiling and talking too. People -that is most big people just dont ever give us babies credit. we are so smart we are learning every nano-minute. Well hope Crm can put up your pictures too.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dean today-

Hi ella -boy i know those shots really get you. i can turn over any time I want to. that is really kool. Mom got annoyed with the daily UPS truck- i go to sleep-UPS arrives Tex barks and I get up and oh she gets annoyed.Tex is just doing his job-barking at all intruders on the block. See yu soon for Christmas.

Ella-MD trip

Hey Dean went to the Dr today he stuck me with a big needle. ouch!! I cried. i gained i am almost 10 lbs. Gram is visiting me friday if not before. i am really getting the hang of this baby stuff. Cant wait to see you for Xmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ella =can do--

Hey Deqan == I can play with my mobile I really like it. My gramma jan visited me and babysat. I can kick and say more sounds and I can be even louder. Going to MD tomorrow -I hope I gained weight. That will change when i grow up. I have great head control and am really enjoying my outfits.

REturn to babies

Ok Ella we need more pictures of you. Well I am a real big boy now i can chuckle and yell and turn over. I went to visit my mom's work and I am going to Nj for Xmas.Snow and ice ad cold I like the cold. Wow there is so much to see and learn.

Ella -i am bummed No new photos of me No gramma she is in Miami what ever that is in fact just whatever. We will al be toghether again in Nj for xmas. Guess what Dean and i skyped. We are really kool. id you see my super xmas card. It is the best. Talk tomorrow Ella to Dean