Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ella winter xmas

OMG Dean this Christmas thing is fun-I have a slide and a ball pit in the living room. I am wearing boots and a snow suit and it is cold .The lake will probably freeze--what ever that means. I'm talking but they dont seem to understand much of what I say and that HiYee seems to go a long way. I skyped gram and aunt amie too. and we have a tree with lights on it downstairs--it is so pretty. I can walk all around and get up rom the floor all myself. I'm great at stairs I can get up far before mom and dad catch me--also the gates are all over the house.

Snow that white stuff is great I crawl in it I ate it it's pretty good not like ice cream-but cold.I went sledding very fast down the hill of snow in my yard. Can't wait to see you--this winter stuff is fun.

xmas winter 2010

Ella-Ella there is this tree with lights and pretty tennis balls in my house. And santa I went to see santa--he was scary. HoHoHo. And mom and dad are talking about Christmas and presents --those things we got at our birthday--Wow Have you been outside--it is cold and then this white stuff was all over..,And now big bunches of white stuff it's called snow ..did you see it.Wow Mommy and dad baked there are cookies all over.Ican talk now I say words-They think I'm remarkable. And oh-OMG I had surgery I had tubes put in my ear drums.I got lots of ottitus medias and now everything sounds different and loud. Winter is busy. I can sign a bit too.And I'm getting lots of mail.Iskyped with aunt amie and gramAnd I sent Gramma Carm my first text message! Christmas came and went with a million presents from so many people and Santa-guess he wanted to make up for being soo scary. How's by you?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More from Dean

My weekend birthday party was great..But i met my Aunt Amie this is the cool part.I see her on skype on the computer screen but she came right off the screen and into my house and she played with me and talke4d to me and everything.Now i wonder if all those people i see on the screen are goint to come off the screen and visit me...I just wonder. What do you think??

Ella's Big Trip

Sorry Ella this not a current Picture...
Ella is now 10 mos. Right..and my hair is blond--- I went on a journey to visit relatives.On the way to visit my cousin Dean i stopped overnight at Cousins Macie and Cassidy. We went on a boat ride.That was fun. Then back in the truck and off we went to visit cousin Dean for his birthday. I crawled up to him and said--HI cause I can talk now-thenI kissed him and hugged him...sometimes the kiss turns into a bite but that reflex is hard to control but I'm working on it. Gramma Carm was there and Aunt Amie and later lots of people and I just said Hi to all of them.It was noisy. Tex dean's furry brother was only scary when he barked.He kept tasting my face I dont like that so I pushed him away. Then we played and played and had a bath and went to sleep.Next day visited Aunt Heidi and more people to say Hi to...The power of speech is amazing cannot wait to say more words. Oh I can wave and almost clap and I sing and climb a bit too. See you all at my birthday when I too will be a whole number...1.

Dean is one Party

So Mr.Dean is now one--He waves byebye,does soobig,claps handsand throws kisses all on demand.He throws a ball to Tex,shares toys with Tex and pats Tex fairly gently.He dances and plays his piano toy like a rock star...what a great video that is. His big eyes got even bigger when everyone sang happy birthday to him.the look on his face was OMG!!! The best show was when cousin Ella arrived pulled to stand next to Dean and said"hiee" and kissed him and hugged him over and over.His face said "What??"It was priceless cannot wait for those pictures.Dean says wow all the people and all the toys (of course the paper,tissue and boxes were fab).
Dean-Well first grmaCarmie came to visit I picked her up at the airport. I did a dance show for her after my bath then went to sleep. The next day we went out and were very busy...something is going on.I dont know what. Played a lot with gram showed her all my "tricks"..I can do lots of stuff...the best is I can stand and even take steps...almost walking..i cannot wait to run all over the place!! I showed off my climbing skills and even my climb down backwards. She was so impressed.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update More

Dean--Ella The enviornmental awareness and engagement displayed by babies is amazing.I cannot wait to find out if in fact thoes sound groups we hear really were Hi and cat from Ella.Will Dean say Tex or GDUPStruck. Were those new sounds in fact a foreign language? The answers will be found shortly. i would love to see them in Miami for afamily winter vacation.

Update Development Ella and Dean

OK Grandma Carmie spent 3 weeks with me and my mom and dad and furry fiend Miles ./we had fun. Here is her version. OMG this little girl is amazing-how does such a personality develop?? I learned her language fairly rapidly.Not talking yet but communicating like crazy and making faces what a ham. Photo shoot ready for my close up mom. Easting nicely-pulling to stand and crawling-loves to be in the lake. And the visit with cousin Dean was a riot. Now Dean is a big boy and Mr Smiles. He naps Ella was not into that. Even when i sang the Unknown Lullaby..Dean is an expert at crawling and standing He did some interesting jumping as well. He is using new sounds as well. Cannot wait to see him in August-----HOW can he be ONE???
Watching the two babies together is a treat.