Thursday, December 30, 2010

xmas winter 2010

Ella-Ella there is this tree with lights and pretty tennis balls in my house. And santa I went to see santa--he was scary. HoHoHo. And mom and dad are talking about Christmas and presents --those things we got at our birthday--Wow Have you been outside--it is cold and then this white stuff was all over..,And now big bunches of white stuff it's called snow ..did you see it.Wow Mommy and dad baked there are cookies all over.Ican talk now I say words-They think I'm remarkable. And oh-OMG I had surgery I had tubes put in my ear drums.I got lots of ottitus medias and now everything sounds different and loud. Winter is busy. I can sign a bit too.And I'm getting lots of mail.Iskyped with aunt amie and gramAnd I sent Gramma Carm my first text message! Christmas came and went with a million presents from so many people and Santa-guess he wanted to make up for being soo scary. How's by you?

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