Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ella winter xmas

OMG Dean this Christmas thing is fun-I have a slide and a ball pit in the living room. I am wearing boots and a snow suit and it is cold .The lake will probably freeze--what ever that means. I'm talking but they dont seem to understand much of what I say and that HiYee seems to go a long way. I skyped gram and aunt amie too. and we have a tree with lights on it downstairs--it is so pretty. I can walk all around and get up rom the floor all myself. I'm great at stairs I can get up far before mom and dad catch me--also the gates are all over the house.

Snow that white stuff is great I crawl in it I ate it it's pretty good not like ice cream-but cold.I went sledding very fast down the hill of snow in my yard. Can't wait to see you--this winter stuff is fun.

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