Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well Ella We are on the way- in the car-in my "torture seat.....we are still driving.....OMG hours and hours ..where is New Jersey? mars?? We stopped Oh good food and out of the seat. Wow here we are. It's gma and gpas house. No bear-Wow Tex -like a shot he's in the . Everybody is happy to see me. Where is Aunt Amie-Oh she is flying yet Gues it is a long way. Where is Ella .
Ella arrives - Wow she is like me a baby but smaller by one month. Oh Aunt Alis Oh boy this is fun everyone is happy to see me. The big news I sleep all night-currently-dont get used to this...I am tired-did a lot of running - You know on my back kicking my legs real fast..
Next day Oh it is Aunt Amie -when did she arrive?? oh boy she really likes me.
They put me on the table -I hope Im not the 'turkey".
boy they like when I talk and smile.
Here comes Ella and my aunt and my Uncle Oh boy I like to look at ella -she is sooo pretty. She likes me too. Oh I hope everyone else has so many people who like them and like to look at them and hold them like ella and i do. we are lucky and I guess that is what Thanksgiving is all about.
Ella says Oh the choices - look at my outfits. Dean is so cute . We are good looking babies. he is bigger than i am. I have ,ore hair. i have aunt amie and aunt AJ and uncle B We are so lucky everybody likes us.That turkey smells good We can eat some next year.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Meetin Dean and Fam.

Hi Dean-road trip wow you are too kool. Icannot wait to meet you and Aunt AJ -how come she has only letters and no name? Aunt amie can fly! she is flying here from Miami. Wow We are so special. everybody is coming to visit. aunts that arent really aunts and who knows who else?? We are having our family's version of Thanksgiving this weekend. We are sooo excited. What to wear What to wear??? Aunt hilda and uncle ken wish you were coming to visit soon. Oh well Must eat again. See you later.


Gram not the best photo! I'm sleeping all night 4 times already-ella and iris i feel like a new man! I can stay up all day long and party and play.i can talk a lot now. On my way to meet ella and her mom and dad-aunt amie-Oh gee i am so excited. road trip to New jersey. I hope we see a bear in grma's yard. That would be way kool. See you all soon.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ella 1 month visit to MD

Hi Dean -went to the doctor and visiting gma and gpa J.Im in my bucket sitting on the treadmill. Its a nice fall day- I'm in my jeans and sweater. Mom put me in a disposable diaper-yuk! I'm 8 pounds even.See yu on Friday.My mom cannot wait to meet yu!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ella pics

I am so happy she got the photo up. Try another.How do you like the spiky look? Just a bit edgy-huh? Dean do you have hair.

Ella visits without photos

Oh no-Gram is having trouble uploading my pics again. Well Dean i have more gpa and gma's too. Gma Carmie haws been visiting alot. I went out for a ride in my stroller with Carmie then it rained. oh i had a big bath I liked it.The next day carmie came back so i guess she likes me.We walked and i fell asleep to bob marley. Gma stayed with me and let mom go out for a while. She is most comfortable to sleep on. I wore my jeans. I have two back pockets. all I hear is- how cute. Well I hope gma gets the pics on.See you on Friday. Are we gonna get turkey? Well indirectly I guess. I am one month old already.

Catching Up with Dean and ella

Hey-ella-how many of those grandpa grandma things do you have?? I got two more from Texas. they flew here and visited me. It was so nice. they like me-i can know those big smiles they do. i am getting so big and stron. i had a conversation with grandpa Bill- i dont know what were saying but it was fun. Grandma and mom and i shopped-i got a jeans jacket. hey how do you like the hoodie.? How you doin with gma Carmie?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ella and Dean comiserating (i really dont know how to spell that)
Ella said to Dean via baby cell...
So Dean did you hear your mom talking about how she would enjoy a "babycation" after we were born.
Dean--Oh yeah I did hear that word. It is a made up word. Grma and her friends laughed. And now here we are and their b\"babycation" has not quite begun yet. Gma thinks maybe when we are 30.
Ella - We cannot get past "feed me now". oh well maybe there wil be a 'babycation" for you and i. Mom and Dad they will have to wait.
Baby tip #14 or less Holding and rocking and swaying are good for babies. Babies cannot be spoiled just that old food inthe refigerator that is spoiled-cause you have no time to clean out the fridge-cause you are tending to our needs-as it should be. kay-bye.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dean to ella

Hey ella -i am good. we are having company tonite and tomorrow is mom and dad's anniversary. i like the bath now too. Does your cat like your face like my dog brother/ Hey I saw cousin Iris pictures too. she looks like me. Mom is putting me in a bjorn a carrier I like this a lot! i go everywhere with her- i can see really good and she likes it too. Maybe when you get big like me(2mos), you will like it too. Gram-is fun- i like talking to her-no baby talk. see you soon Dean

Ella on two nice fall days

Hi-It's me -ella--Gram visited us today for a little while - Not sure what day it was but she waited 3 days before she came to see me-after leaving you-dean.. It was sunny and warmish-we walked in my neighborhood-no bear that was good. gram held me and burped me. and we talked-sort of- i cant yet but she can-. But today -Sat- She waited a day after a tea party cause she didnt want to carry germs to me. today we went out and she held me a long long time she kept putting me to sleep and burping me and gave my mom a break. i have complete control at my house -Dean-how about you?? i cry they jump . How can such a little tiny girl have so much power.?? i like this. Head control is good- eyecontact to face and voice also good-wardrobe good and increasing daily! Oh Dean what do you think of that bath thing -now I'm liking it.We saw baby Iris pictures -she is cute just like us. Soon my mom will be seeing john in maine too. Boy there are a lot of us.Gma says it's an epidemic-especially that hofstra group.but at my mom's work too. Well see you soon-ella.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ella to dean--Dean back to ella

Hey Dean- I'm doing Ok for my age. I can lift my head and turn side to side. I cant do that moving up and around by pushing with my feet yet like you do in your crib.I still dont "run" fast like you do but I'm getting there. Gram hasntcome to visit yet I hope she does soon. Can you see more and better? It is getting clearer for me but I still love the -contrast.
Dean says--i love my botanicals on the wall the contrast is great. but i like the faces too. My people are very funny.See you real soon.

More info for E

Hi ella it's me dean. i forgot to tellyou stuff. At 2 months yougo to the Dr and he gives you 2 shots-the shots dont hurt but latter -oh did my leg ache! but dont worry it goes away quick. mom and Dad(ie:staff) take care of it.I can almost get over from my tummy- Dont forget tummy time! mom says it is most important. Right leg up and over left-head facing left-just that right arm is in the way-but I'm getting close.
What about you? I can say my vowels and smile. I can say ah-g at least 4 times in a day- and eah at least 4x in a row. my ey cantact and engagement with people faces is great. i do smile more and I can almost laugh.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is my halloween contribution. Gram is in Nj but not coming to visit me Yet-for fear of flu. also i think she was outside playing in dirt since it was a nice day. She cant wait to see me and all my new developments. I'm getting the idea of that head control thing. I am really good at controlling my people-too. so D Howsbyyou?
D says I'm Ok miss grma- but i guess you can have her for a while. I'll be up north to visit soon. I cant wait to meet everyone. See ya-D.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

BAby E to Mr Baby D

Sorry no photo. D I was so worried about you that i did not sleep all night.! Neither did my mom. I just want to eat every minute. I cant wait to see gma- and I cant wait to meet yu and aunt -your mom and uncle your dad and Aunt A Oh boy family time. Just lets make believe we have a normal fam. Gram has got to learn to edit her writting -spelling etc.D I can turn my head from side to side too. And it did get easier to lift my head. Soo much to see so little time. Talk soo E.

Nov 1 Message to y'all and E

Well Okay now- It has been a very eventful not pleasant few days. E you would not believe what Ive been through! I got the flu-went to the dr. and he sent us to the er. Gma as you know is here again. She took me into the dr. alone-mom was in the car. So here it is all the bad news . In the hospital-I got a baby IV and poked and stuff and my staff(Dad-mom And gma) were sad. E it did hurt-realy bad and was very serious i had a fever!! But E here is the upside.Oh yes there is an upside..I figure this trauma to the folks has set me up for just about anything i want from now on! I'm thinking the Beemer is in the garage -now..gram said the spyderRTS is mine-who knows maybe the Gremlin--Oh E did you want the Grem? I think I can swing that.

Well of course halloween was a bust-being in the hospital and all that. The staff is getting punchy from being in so much- they keep laughing hysterically and then they say-"cause I'm a pothole". Dont know what to think of this.
Tips for E and I and any other new baby--
I can easily turn my head from side to side If yu kick your right leg and flop yur head left and if that other arm is out of the way,9Mom the Pt facilitted it for me)yu can flip yurself over. What a thrill. I can really run my feet fast and my boxing is better too. Of course Gma loves the ahga and the other sounds-the laugh and smile help too. Well that is it for now. Oh the photo shoot of halloween- why must they do this? Well as they say--"kay-bye" for now- It is me Mr Baby D.