Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ella on two nice fall days

Hi-It's me -ella--Gram visited us today for a little while - Not sure what day it was but she waited 3 days before she came to see me-after leaving you-dean.. It was sunny and warmish-we walked in my neighborhood-no bear that was good. gram held me and burped me. and we talked-sort of- i cant yet but she can-. But today -Sat- She waited a day after a tea party cause she didnt want to carry germs to me. today we went out and she held me a long long time she kept putting me to sleep and burping me and gave my mom a break. i have complete control at my house -Dean-how about you?? i cry they jump . How can such a little tiny girl have so much power.?? i like this. Head control is good- eyecontact to face and voice also good-wardrobe good and increasing daily! Oh Dean what do you think of that bath thing -now I'm liking it.We saw baby Iris pictures -she is cute just like us. Soon my mom will be seeing john in maine too. Boy there are a lot of us.Gma says it's an epidemic-especially that hofstra group.but at my mom's work too. Well see you soon-ella.

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