Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More info for E

Hi ella it's me dean. i forgot to tellyou stuff. At 2 months yougo to the Dr and he gives you 2 shots-the shots dont hurt but latter -oh did my leg ache! but dont worry it goes away quick. mom and Dad(ie:staff) take care of it.I can almost get over from my tummy- Dont forget tummy time! mom says it is most important. Right leg up and over left-head facing left-just that right arm is in the way-but I'm getting close.
What about you? I can say my vowels and smile. I can say ah-g at least 4 times in a day- and eah at least 4x in a row. my ey cantact and engagement with people faces is great. i do smile more and I can almost laugh.

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