Sunday, November 8, 2009


Ella and Dean comiserating (i really dont know how to spell that)
Ella said to Dean via baby cell...
So Dean did you hear your mom talking about how she would enjoy a "babycation" after we were born.
Dean--Oh yeah I did hear that word. It is a made up word. Grma and her friends laughed. And now here we are and their b\"babycation" has not quite begun yet. Gma thinks maybe when we are 30.
Ella - We cannot get past "feed me now". oh well maybe there wil be a 'babycation" for you and i. Mom and Dad they will have to wait.
Baby tip #14 or less Holding and rocking and swaying are good for babies. Babies cannot be spoiled just that old food inthe refigerator that is spoiled-cause you have no time to clean out the fridge-cause you are tending to our needs-as it should be. kay-bye.

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