Thursday, November 26, 2009


Well Ella We are on the way- in the car-in my "torture seat.....we are still driving.....OMG hours and hours ..where is New Jersey? mars?? We stopped Oh good food and out of the seat. Wow here we are. It's gma and gpas house. No bear-Wow Tex -like a shot he's in the . Everybody is happy to see me. Where is Aunt Amie-Oh she is flying yet Gues it is a long way. Where is Ella .
Ella arrives - Wow she is like me a baby but smaller by one month. Oh Aunt Alis Oh boy this is fun everyone is happy to see me. The big news I sleep all night-currently-dont get used to this...I am tired-did a lot of running - You know on my back kicking my legs real fast..
Next day Oh it is Aunt Amie -when did she arrive?? oh boy she really likes me.
They put me on the table -I hope Im not the 'turkey".
boy they like when I talk and smile.
Here comes Ella and my aunt and my Uncle Oh boy I like to look at ella -she is sooo pretty. She likes me too. Oh I hope everyone else has so many people who like them and like to look at them and hold them like ella and i do. we are lucky and I guess that is what Thanksgiving is all about.
Ella says Oh the choices - look at my outfits. Dean is so cute . We are good looking babies. he is bigger than i am. I have ,ore hair. i have aunt amie and aunt AJ and uncle B We are so lucky everybody likes us.That turkey smells good We can eat some next year.

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