Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1 Message to y'all and E

Well Okay now- It has been a very eventful not pleasant few days. E you would not believe what Ive been through! I got the flu-went to the dr. and he sent us to the er. Gma as you know is here again. She took me into the dr. alone-mom was in the car. So here it is all the bad news . In the hospital-I got a baby IV and poked and stuff and my staff(Dad-mom And gma) were sad. E it did hurt-realy bad and was very serious i had a fever!! But E here is the upside.Oh yes there is an upside..I figure this trauma to the folks has set me up for just about anything i want from now on! I'm thinking the Beemer is in the garage -now..gram said the spyderRTS is mine-who knows maybe the Gremlin--Oh E did you want the Grem? I think I can swing that.

Well of course halloween was a bust-being in the hospital and all that. The staff is getting punchy from being in so much- they keep laughing hysterically and then they say-"cause I'm a pothole". Dont know what to think of this.
Tips for E and I and any other new baby--
I can easily turn my head from side to side If yu kick your right leg and flop yur head left and if that other arm is out of the way,9Mom the Pt facilitted it for me)yu can flip yurself over. What a thrill. I can really run my feet fast and my boxing is better too. Of course Gma loves the ahga and the other sounds-the laugh and smile help too. Well that is it for now. Oh the photo shoot of halloween- why must they do this? Well as they say--"kay-bye" for now- It is me Mr Baby D.

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