Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update More

Dean--Ella The enviornmental awareness and engagement displayed by babies is amazing.I cannot wait to find out if in fact thoes sound groups we hear really were Hi and cat from Ella.Will Dean say Tex or GDUPStruck. Were those new sounds in fact a foreign language? The answers will be found shortly. i would love to see them in Miami for afamily winter vacation.

Update Development Ella and Dean

OK Grandma Carmie spent 3 weeks with me and my mom and dad and furry fiend Miles ./we had fun. Here is her version. OMG this little girl is amazing-how does such a personality develop?? I learned her language fairly rapidly.Not talking yet but communicating like crazy and making faces what a ham. Photo shoot ready for my close up mom. Easting nicely-pulling to stand and crawling-loves to be in the lake. And the visit with cousin Dean was a riot. Now Dean is a big boy and Mr Smiles. He naps Ella was not into that. Even when i sang the Unknown Lullaby..Dean is an expert at crawling and standing He did some interesting jumping as well. He is using new sounds as well. Cannot wait to see him in August-----HOW can he be ONE???
Watching the two babies together is a treat.