Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Snow big Update

Ella to Dean Gram is back from florida just in time for a huge snow like you had last week. she is not happy about the snow. I almost cried when i first saw her I didnt remember her. But then -even though- I was not feeling well i did some smiles and giggles-that is really all they want to see. Well i am now 12 lbs and 5 ounces-I am very alert and head stability is very good. Doing tummy time to gain the upper body strength i will need. I can string bunches of sounds together and do. I am very communicative.I use vowel sounds and some consonants I een sound like i say mamamama But i use facial expressions and body language as well. Like when i want to get out of my swing. My people are pretty smart they understand my communication. I still play in the jungle floor mat I'm good at hands in mouth and toys in mouth even the pacifier. They took me out in the snow -THEY put me on the snow. Oh it was bright and cold. Well hope we can get down to visit you next weekend.See you soon ...

Well hello Ella --Big doins here-Gram and Grampa M visiting from Texas. I am dazzeling them with my "footwork" so to speak. i talk all the time and laugh-they like that. I jump in my space station. I go out everywhere-Costco-Mom's work. Cant go to work with dad yet..something about police stations and cars not rigged for babies.I'm getting so big. I think I'll walk soon. i can play with lots more toys i can get them all into my mouth. i like those stacking cups. Food is good. I cant wait to see you and Aunt Alis and gram Carmie .Oh so much to do and see so little time and lacking convenient mobility is bothersome.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

while gram is away-

Hey DEan GRam is visiting Aunt Amie. Soon we will visit you. What is new? I am trying on clothes -did you see my 2 valentine outfits? I'm talking more and gigling away. I am stronger each day. Tummy time is better. I went to shoprite again. And mommy let me taste squash yesterday that was interesting! I communicate alot with my voice and body language. So what's new with you Dean??
Hi Ella-we got a big bunch of snow twice. I think it is here to stay. I'm eating squash,pears,apples all sorts of food--it is really cool.I'm teething-this is uncomfortable-all I want to do is chew and bite. We go out a lot more-we visited my friend Gavin. Gram heard I used a meaningful gesture on Saturday. Oh yes I can communicate.I'm trying to sit up alone-that's tricky. I'll be seeing you soon.