Tuesday, February 16, 2010

while gram is away-

Hey DEan GRam is visiting Aunt Amie. Soon we will visit you. What is new? I am trying on clothes -did you see my 2 valentine outfits? I'm talking more and gigling away. I am stronger each day. Tummy time is better. I went to shoprite again. And mommy let me taste squash yesterday that was interesting! I communicate alot with my voice and body language. So what's new with you Dean??
Hi Ella-we got a big bunch of snow twice. I think it is here to stay. I'm eating squash,pears,apples all sorts of food--it is really cool.I'm teething-this is uncomfortable-all I want to do is chew and bite. We go out a lot more-we visited my friend Gavin. Gram heard I used a meaningful gesture on Saturday. Oh yes I can communicate.I'm trying to sit up alone-that's tricky. I'll be seeing you soon.

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