Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photo update and development

Well then, Dean is eating food-ella is talking up a storm-2 and a half consonsts and many vowels and combining them all with a lovely voice.
hey Dean gram is doing better in the photo upload department! i heard you were eating real food. let's skype that. i am playing in my gym clutching toys and of course getting my fingers in my mouth. Gram came by and brought me a book. you will get yours in the mail.
hey Ella this eating thing is neat. Well only in the choloquial form of neat-it gets messy. i get my hands into save it for later. Wish gram would visit me . Skype works for now. You and gram and your mom should visit soon. Well go and soon dean and ella

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  1. I will try to edit at least once..i will try to edit i will try to edit.....