Friday, January 8, 2010

Trip to Md for Dean- Ella sleepless Night

Sorry no photos today i've spent enough time on the computer. Here is the news for today and baby development. dean has had more shots - he says-Ouch! but now i can eat cereal and drink juice. Juice wow that is a great new taste sensation-qiet TEx- you are one high maintenence dog- he wants attention- no I cant ply soccer ball with you yet. I am soo big -eating and drinking oh my so kool.

ella Snow again - When is it going to be warmer so I can get out more- I just couldn't even sleep at all last night. Must be atmospheric conditions. I am increasing my vowel content and enjoying the enviornmental stim more . Maybe I will sleep tonite. Congrats on the food thing Dean.
Seems that gram needs to learn to upload photos from her new phone- Better get reading those directions gram!!

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