Tuesday, January 5, 2010

our christmas and new year

DEan to Ella Whee do I begin. Another big road trip to Nj and snow-wow did you see all that bright white stuff. And we packed the car, Oh we had 3 visitors before we left VA It was aunt amie and her two dogs. she did not fly this time- she drove straight up from Fla.Her do Bel is very big and dino is polkadots -he is a chub like me. Me I am sooo big i talk all day I reply to people talk-my vowels have expanded i can speak at will i giggle and laugh out loud- I can turn over from my tummy. I'mstill not crazy about tummy time but Mom says it's good for me-We all need our tummy time. So we got presents and visited for many days and i slept some in my pac-n-play. I visited ella's house for a photo shoot. We had many pictures together-what did you think of that el?.Tex had fun wrestling with dino. ella and i really had fun with aunt amie. Grandma and grandpa too. We are the center of attention.
Gram says we are engaged and social-she likes that. Boy-all we have to do is smile and laugh and they just fall all over us. Life is good. Oh i start daycare when i go back and mom goes back to work.A new year and new stuff happening.

Ella to Dean- Wow just a smile and i am the star- Oh i got the prettiest clothes ever- do you think a 5 week old should be so into clothes- and thanks for the cool slipper boots- i had fun with the photo shoot but i got tired and hungry My mom is still doing xmas photos. Oh the clothes were so nice fome everyone- I loved the pink star outfit from aunt Amie and oh that blue dress from aunt hilda-Oh that was a beauty. i wore my Santa dress too. but my favorite of all is jeans-those back pockets are perfect for the pacifier. hey Dean this talking is fun i can put vowels together and be soft or loud im starting to laugh out loud too a bit. Cannot get that turn yet and boy i dont like tummy time but i dont want a flat head and i need to practice my push ups. Well cannot wait to see what january will bring. Let's try to keep up with this blog -gram you are sliping.

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