Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Developmental update Essential

Ella says--So Dean what is new with you?? Me? I visited gram-J we went for a walk in her fancy stroller-it has time and temperature. I am talking more that whole exhale vocalize coordination is getting very easy. i clearly communicated my discomfort in that bucket. so i got to go in the stroller without the bucket. I saw a lot of sky. I went out and visited my mom's friend and her baby- i was the "older' more grown up baby. Did you see my new pictures -how about that snow queen outfit -it came from california.I'm doing better with tummy time but it is still quite a workout. so how about you???
Dean-Well i go to all kinds of places- mom better learn about child labor laws she took me to work. i was a star of course. I am about to sit with a lot of facilitation from my mom. I wish i could run. I am finally getting to eat with a spoon real food-it is called oatmeal. Wow it tastes soooo good. I'll be getting veggies and fruit soon. I just cannot get over how much there is to learn and do and see. i love to talk- it is way cool. Well I heard that gram got skype so ill be seeing her soon too. Technology sooo kool. Kay -bye.

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