Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dean is one Party

So Mr.Dean is now one--He waves byebye,does soobig,claps handsand throws kisses all on demand.He throws a ball to Tex,shares toys with Tex and pats Tex fairly gently.He dances and plays his piano toy like a rock star...what a great video that is. His big eyes got even bigger when everyone sang happy birthday to him.the look on his face was OMG!!! The best show was when cousin Ella arrived pulled to stand next to Dean and said"hiee" and kissed him and hugged him over and over.His face said "What??"It was priceless cannot wait for those pictures.Dean says wow all the people and all the toys (of course the paper,tissue and boxes were fab).
Dean-Well first grmaCarmie came to visit I picked her up at the airport. I did a dance show for her after my bath then went to sleep. The next day we went out and were very busy...something is going on.I dont know what. Played a lot with gram showed her all my "tricks"..I can do lots of stuff...the best is I can stand and even take steps...almost walking..i cannot wait to run all over the place!! I showed off my climbing skills and even my climb down backwards. She was so impressed.

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