Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ella's Big Trip

Sorry Ella this not a current Picture...
Ella is now 10 mos. Right..and my hair is blond--- I went on a journey to visit relatives.On the way to visit my cousin Dean i stopped overnight at Cousins Macie and Cassidy. We went on a boat ride.That was fun. Then back in the truck and off we went to visit cousin Dean for his birthday. I crawled up to him and said--HI cause I can talk now-thenI kissed him and hugged him...sometimes the kiss turns into a bite but that reflex is hard to control but I'm working on it. Gramma Carm was there and Aunt Amie and later lots of people and I just said Hi to all of them.It was noisy. Tex dean's furry brother was only scary when he barked.He kept tasting my face I dont like that so I pushed him away. Then we played and played and had a bath and went to sleep.Next day visited Aunt Heidi and more people to say Hi to...The power of speech is amazing cannot wait to say more words. Oh I can wave and almost clap and I sing and climb a bit too. See you all at my birthday when I too will be a whole number...1.

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