Monday, March 15, 2010

Interstate visit.many new Developments

OMG Ella to Dean What a great time What a visit. We drove all the way to virginia! what fun. mom and Gram were stressed but what a trip. I like where you live and your toys and wow that big cat TEX- oh i know he is really a dog. but we do have to humour the adults. Wow yu eat food-and jump in yur saucer and turn over Wow so kool. Why didnt they know we would talk and laugh at eachother WE are very tuned into each other and our enviornment. so i didnt sleep much but the rest was good fun. And the trip home we went to Cabela"s we shaw stuffed animals and real live fish and stuff. so dean what do you think?.
Dean to ella- That was so cool we strollered out side together we did floor time you took all my toys-we talked i got to show off you woke me up that was fun. I think all the "adults' otherwise known as our staff were exhausted.
They know we are smart why didnt they think we'd talk to eachother. ?? I hear that you are in your saucer and you are turning over-that 's fun isnt It?? I heard that you ate rice cereal Eating that is a really very cool thing to do-- Wow we are really moving along. Cant wait to see you again- a week before easter is my trip to NJ. see you then Dean

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