Thursday, October 29, 2009

back to D and back again!

Grma was back and she could not believe how big I've gotten. She spent a lot of time just observing me and we conversed.She in her language and i in mine of course. Ihave several vowels,a cooing schwa sound,"ae", and "ah. I can say 4 vowels in a row,I did aga and ahka. (Note to aunt alissa-gram says punctuation and spelling and capitals are over rated!). My eye contact and smiles have increases and i sort of laugh on the inhalation. gram explained that currently it is difficult for me to coordinate the diaphragmatic expulsion of air over the vocal chords with vocalizatiion but this is progressing nicely for an 8 week old.
Note to E- gram is coming back to see me again- She and I will converse more. she will see yu soon.LOL D.

PS gram dosent know what she did but is having trouble uploading images -no surprize there!

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