Thursday, October 15, 2009

E comes home from the Hospital

Well baby e had to come home from the hospital today in the pouring SNOW-what is that.?? Gma said- she is still very mellow and sleeping. ???I'm getting better at the sleep thing. Gma had to give some helpful hints like--NEVER Shoosh in a baby's ear. that is just rude! Swaying.swaddling,even a pacifier is ok but never shoosh. In what research does it state that whitenoise is the sound heard inutero?? This shooshing thing really made gram annoyed.

Baby E--I arrived home today- i don't live in that busy place they call the hospital. Wow I like my room and my house. BaBY D i have a fuzzy brother too -not a dog a cat. My room is very beautiful. I hope there is room for my shoes-when I get some!I already have lots of pretty clothes. Mom and Dad are pretty kool-they are very "green". It is snowing and that white stuff is sticking to the grass-I heard mom and dad say that .

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