Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Days Home by Baby D

Well here I am-been here a while now. That is my brother T.So far I have learned to control these big people. I just rev up the sounds I make -0-60 in one second. I am hungry! or I want to eat now. Or I am uncomfortable.

My guess is that babies are just immature digestive creatures.they control us-their staff-by crying and we do their bidding. Feed/burp/feed/clean-diaper/hold,rock feed ,burp diaper etc etc etc. yes it takes a village.

I dont live in the hospital this is my home-I hope Carmie can upload the picture of me in the car-seat-she describes it as a torture seat.I like it here.Still not sleeping well. they all take turns rocking and swaying and giggling me. Still does not feel the same as beforebut getting better at it. I have a lot of stuff. A mom,dad ,grandm,grandpa,two aunts,a cousin on the way-what does that mean? I have diapers and boppy and everthing I sit in either swings,or vibrates or makes noise. This place is very differentSensory input is amazing. LIGHT- sum-outside,cold warm-movement ,wet dry omg-there is a lot of stuff going on all the time.
Oh My brother T- he looks very different from the rest of the fam-and he licks me a lot.And my Mom- they keep telling her-Dont squeeze the baby!
I know how to spit up,cry,pee and poop an burp and I make funny faces and I smile. I can cry really good. they-my staff-keep saying it's a good thing he is sooo Well now Carmie is visiting. she islearning to sway and hold me with more confidence. We are bonding.
OH OH did i tell you about my visitors at the hospital -big people and kidsand a whole group of people in uniforms-Thought they were gonna arrest Dad-but no they were friends. We have a lot of them.
Diaper Changing! man they rip off my clothes,wipe me with a frigid thing,tape me into a diaper and wonder why I cry.Dressing me-not so easy. I'll get you-first I'll kick as hard as i can and move my arms and see how that is. I am going to pee on your wall if you dont hurry -up!!

My house has "pot lights' I like to look at them. Oh -they put me in the torture seat and put it in a wheely thing and bumped me along outside with my brother T. That was unbelievable. We met more people happy to meet me. Why not.I'm a baby and i am kool.
Well there were some events that were not happy-mom had a problem but she's ok now. But Carmie stayed alone with me and T . she said that was ,"initiation byfire'-dont know what that meant-but she is better at holding me,changing me and feeding me. I have a swing- it goes fast-Carmie dosent care for it-but mom and dad and I love it.
We go out in a car. That is Ok. In the "torture"seat then the whole thing vibrates and I just can't help myself ...I...just...go..to sleep.Oh!redlight-cry -get going.
Before I forget I must tell all you other babies out there- I can coo- or of course as we know -Speak. I can say a real good ae sound that is short a. It is not eay to coordinat but i'm geting good at it.
TIPS for BABIESCRY loud and fast for instant gratification. Smile to make the big people smile.Coo to apease them.Sleep sometimes to give them the rest they need to serve your needs.
OH- who said those cold wipe things were a good idea. How would you like to have those cold things on your most delicate areas.See that screaming picture up at the top-Carmie cant move it- but remember this word BATH! AND WHEN YOU HEAR IT RUN FOR THE HILLS.!! oH WE CANT RUN YET. oH WELL.BRINGING YOU ALL UP TO DATEmY FIRST BIG ROAD TRIP-WHAT A DISAST;">We went for a car ride. I pooped and omg the whole torture seat got messed up.I slept for 5 hours in a row- I gained lbs. I'm getting chubby. Let me see now- sensory input-a lot of stuff to deal with.i like the music. visitors -they like me . Carmie says I will be under a microscope (whatever that is for the next few years -she said 5 but I cant count yet. Two OT's came to visit- My aunts are teachers-Carmie is just interested in communication first then general development-Mom she is totally interested in my gross motor.
I'm getting better at holding my head up and seem to be swiping-maybe. They say I'm getting organized. They better get organized e is on the way-my new cousin. I heard that i have more people in Texas! a grandm and grandpa-aunt and uncle- great grandma-great uncles Wow and another new cousin on the way. Oh well life is good Talk soon. I wonder when I get a cell phone.Oh -have to learn to talk first.

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