Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome to this world.

OMG! Where is my lawyer?? I've been evicted. No advance notice -Just drag me out by my feet-humiliating! that was such a warm cozy safe place. where am I? What is going on. Who are these people? I'm hungry.

Becoming a grandma for the first time was quite an experience. Not being the mom, I felt more objective in my observations. these ideas are a month late but I'll try to catch up.

Ok-I hope this is not my home. It's kind of sterile-People- Oh I recognize the voice - that's my mom.she is soft and warm. That's Dad-He can hold me like a football in one hand-wow. Oh 'hospital" that is where I am. born- hmmm-arrived I guess. boy I'm hungry.

did not sleep well- I had to communicate rather vigorously- but I'm still hungry. Not too comfortable. They keep me in a plastic box and i get pushed around alot.

Visitors! OK - they are timid about holding me. I do not bite-yet! That is Carmie-aka-grandmaJ.Grandpa took a day before he would hold me.

Wow- dad went home to sleep. good that means we dont live here. Grandma-carmie Stayed the night. a privilege.

More to come. 1st days home. And E is coming . D.

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